Palimpsests and Turing Tests: Cool Things on the Internet Today

I found two things that made me freak out today, and for entirely different reasons. First, I saw this post from Themis-Athena with a link to a post about a medieval palimpsest that had been analysed using some kind of scientific devilry, and the palimpsest gave up classical commentary about Aristotle and some fragments of Euripides. My post to her was ZOMG. When I posted somewhere else, the reaction was ZOMG. It’s pretty ZOMG all around.

A million years ago, when I was a teen going to the Minneapolis public schools, I ended up getting a bunch of free tickets to the Guthrie theater for their season of classics. They ran all of the Oresteia, I think, though maybe it was just the trajectory of Oedipus Rex —> Oedipus at Colonus —> Antigone. For sure Medea was in there too – I can still see the bloody tableau of Medea rising with her murdered children off the thrust stage and into the rafters. It was a great season to watch at 17, all these crazy powerful classics from a million years ago staged with a minimum of fuss. I cried a lot at people so dead they were dead beyond the telling of it, or so non-existent they didn’t rightly make sense in the world anymore. In our crappy, ugly school building, we talked about what I had seen, the fact that so much is lost. Whenever someone unearths just a bit of those old, crusty words, my 17 year old self rejoices. Plus, scientific deviltry is hot.

But then the other thing I found today was what would I say, which is one of those Turing Test things that burns through facebook every now and then. Basically, this app takes all of your facebook posts and chops them up and spits them out in something resembling grammar. Generally my posts on facebook only resemble grammar, so it’s kind of perfect. For example:

Watching the “Divergent” casting by claiming that the credits rolled in it.

Just out their bs, the dinosaurs wouldn’t let you, and every one of the backhanded compliment.

And they sting you! No, more potential for Grandma Dory. Perfect.

30 Day Book Challenge Day 24 hours to accomplish for the Constitution forbids the endless descriptions of bookstores gauzy and dreamy, yet I want some of the execution of spoilers.

At least not until much harder core than I.

Certainly, this is all stuff I would say if I were high as fuck and posting on facebook. Which has happened a couple of times, but totally legally and due to illness/medication, FBI, fyi. Gosh, is this app fun to play with though, this post-modern mirror on all the stupid stuff I say all the time, and in public.

So, thanks Internet. Today was a blast.